Glenlands Hansen (P) D5

Glenlands Hansen was purchased at the Glenlands Sale in 2004 for $10,000 for his length which is not shown in this photo our apologies, poll genes and depth of breeding.Glenland Hansen has since died in the paddock at the beginning of this year so this will be his last lot of calves this year. Unsure to his cause of death as we were unable to find him.

Sex.... Male

Tattoo.... 3336

Birth Date.... 6/12/2001

Calving Year.... 2002

Status.... active

Registration.... Registered

Breeder.... B & V CHILDS PTY LTD


Horn.... Polled

Grade.... Purebred

Colour.... Red

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Glenlands 1049 (P) U9C921049M D5

S. Glenlands Element 2 (P) U9C992149M D5

Mungalla 492 (S) RMD91492F D5

Glenlands Hansen (P) D5

Billabong W/5 202 (S) 7HX95202M D5

D. Glenlands 2405 (P) U9C002405F D5

Glenlands 1446 (P) U9C961446F D5

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