Ivanhoe 7138 (P) D5

Ivanhoe 7138 was purchased at the Roma Tropical All Breeds Sale September 2009 for $18,000 in partnership with AngleZed for his frame, bone, strong polled sire’s head, clean sheath and weight for age.

Sex.... Male

Tattoo.... 7138

Birth Date.... 27/10/2007

Calving Year.... 2008

Status.... active

Registration.... Registered

Breeder.... H & H FARIS

Current Owner.... MJS BARDON

Horn.... Polled

Grade.... Purebred

Colour.... Red

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Ivanhoe 7138 (P) D5

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0428 347 555

486 Wattlebank Road Canoona QLD 4702
Steven 0428 347 555 • Claire 0407 169 937

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